Monday, July 21, 2008

Wire Weekend

Just recently I was reading "The Little Prince" to my 5-year old daughter. This is probably the book I've read the most times in my life (and I'm sure there are more to come since I have a two year old as well:). Anyway, in the book, the little Prince makes a drawing of a snake who has swallowed an elephant. And he cannot really understand why the grown-ups say it's a hat. I just love that story!! My 5-year old did not believe it either so I guess she is growing up:)

Anyway, I got the inspiration from the book to try to make my own drawing of an elephant and then to make it with wire. My first two elephants turned out kind of big, I guess you wouldn't want to wear them and neither would I but then I got better. I made a cute little elephant that I turned into a bracelet. I thought, wow, that's fun, let's try something else! I tried making a cat. Here's how it looked:

I decided to make a bracelet out of it. I don't know if you've heard the superstition but I remember when we were kids, if a black cat crossed our way while we were playing outside, we had to turn around three times, just to make sure nothing bad would come our way:). I thought we are grown ups now, if I had to turn three times, probably the obvious thing that would happen is that I'll feel dizzy.. So instead of trying it out, I decided to add a couple of evil eye beads to my bracelet (as you can imagine I always keep those handy in the house:), to make sure that we'll be safe from evil:) This is all a joke of course, but I liked the final result:

Then I played some more, made another cat and decided to make a necklace with it. No evil eye beads this time, no superstitions, just a fun, attention-grabbing necklace. Here it is:

I listed both pieces on etsy, check them out if you want to see all the pictures:

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