Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Added Links to Etsy

I am starting to like this! I was actually able to add links to my etsy shop in less than an hour. Ok, I had to restart my computer in the meantime but it wasn't because of something that I did. This is really cool. And I was able to change that awful template that I picked yesterday. I looked at it this morning and I was like - gee, what was I thinking yesterday.. I like this one a lot better - it's simple and pleasing to the eye (at least to mine:). And since I am probably the only one reading that blog anyway, I wanted to make sure it doesn't drive me crazy.

Talking about readers, I saw that my blog had 10 hits yestereday - I am hoping it's not all me checking it out 10 times, it's me and 9 OTHER people! I still don't know how most of the things work around here so I am taking everything with a grain of salt:)

Ok, enought about me, this blog was supposed to be about jewelry anyway! Let me share with you my newest piece that I just posted on etsy:

I wasn't sure whether that pendant is not too heavy for a bracelet but I liked the final product. It sure grabs attention!

For some reason my 'add image' button is not working so if you want to see the pictures, you'll need to follow the link above.

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