Thursday, July 24, 2008


These days I've been busy working on a tutorial about how to make a teardrop bracelet and a mandala. Those are some of my favorite pieces that I've designed. I can't really remember how many of each I must have made - takes a couple of hours max, yet the design is so effective and the color combinations are just amazing!

Recently I came up with the idea to make a tutorial about how to make them. My etsy stats where I have a few of my pieces listed seemed encouraging - people seemed to like them because I could see the clicks coming, yet the buys were not there! I know, everyone says it's slow these days, look at gas prices, the stock market, the housing market, the mortgage market, you name it market, everything is doom and gloom.. I agree with that - as a family, we've cut a lot of discretionary expenses as well. But every once in a while, you need that little something to keep you going. It doesn't have to be expensive, sometimes it's even something handmade that brightens the day. So I figured I'd put my knowledge to pen and paper (or rather to camera and world wide web these days) and let whoever wants to exploit their creative side have some fun with it.

To sweeten the deal, I've even promised to refund the purchase price of the first five people who send me pictures of their completed bracelet or mandala, as my way of saying thank you for their trust in me! We'll see how that goes, now I am expecting the pictures to start coming:)

If you are interested in finding out more about my tutorial, here is the etsy link:

Check it out:)

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