Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wire Creations

I keep working on my wire animal collection. After the cat and elephant pieces, I came up with a snail drawing (have to admit it - my 5 year old's drawing books come in really handy those days:) . For the cat and the elephant, I first made the drawing on paper and then tried to replicate it with wire. I had to adjust the paper drawing the first few times until I got the proportions right. But for the snail, I thought confident enough to start with the wire right away. I made "something" and had to run it by someone at home to see what they thought. Now, my husband is a very patient guy but he has his limits:). My five-year old, however, is always happy to express an opinion. And she is quick too - sometimes she expresses one even if she hasn't been asked. This time though she had to think hard - evidently my snail was kinda of unconventional.. Finally she settled on a pig! So I figured I'd better start again. I made the drawing this time, adjusted it here and there and then replicated the design with wire. This time she was quick to say - snail! Here it is, my new snail bracelet, part of my wire creations series.
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