Friday, August 8, 2008

Taking pictures

I wonder if taking good pictures is a talent, like having superior math skills, or a beautiful voice, or what have you. And I am beginning to think that it is. I've struggled with taking pictures of my jewelry for about 2 months now. I really enjoy making the piece, I am enthusiastic, passionate about it and once it's done and I know I have to take some pictures, my enthusiasm kind of fades away.. And that is because I know I'm not going to be able to do justice to my creation.
Ok, my first pictures were awful - no question about that! I had to insert a text probably to say what was on the picture. Then I read a little bit here and there, actually opened the camera's manual (both mine and my husband's even though his was truly discouraging) and the quality went up a little bit. But it was still difficult to make them crisp, to let the light through if you know what I mean.
I made a light box only to find that I must have done something wrong because the pictures were even darker! I experimented with what not, I found out that I could not take a decent picture on a white background for the life of me, that fabric works better than paper as a background, that taking them inside (close to the window) works far better than outside, that I should have majored in Photography in school, etc.
Now, I've found a set-up that I believe is decent. My pictures are still far from magazine quality but at least I can live with them. And I don't dread the moment of taking them. So going back to the original question - is picture taking a talent - I believe yes. After many trials one finds a decent set-up but choosing that particular angle that will make your piece stand out and let the light through is something that you either have or you don't. Or at least that's what I believe - any takers?
My latest creation - Tree of Life Bracelet - check it out:


Ngan said...

I think there may be some talent involved in adding the "artistic quality" to the photos, but I think it's more so a practice-makes-perfect situation. And you have definitely improved.. so if it's an all talent kind of thing, then you must have it and just need to drag it out of yourself! :)

Nyblaque said...

wow your jewelry is awesome...your talents are fun, colorful and full or originality:).....your pictures show them off quite well...

P.S. thank you for adding my blog! will do the same